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Confocal image of the mouse embryo skin showing blood vessels in blue, lymphatic vessels in red and lymphatic endothelial cell nuclei in green (author: Alex Fantin)

Virtual skelethonization of the blood vessels from the mouse embryo brain acquired with confocal microscopy (author: Alison Domingues)

Confocal image of the mouse embryo brain showing blood vessels in blue, microglia in yellow and endothelial cells derived from erythromyeloid progenitors (EMPS) in magenta (author: Carlotta Tacconi/Alex Fantin)

Confocal image of the zebrafish embryo tail showing blood vessels in green and cell nuclei in blue (author: Matteo Ranucci/Alex Fantin)

Cell networking. Tube formation assay of endothelial cells on hydrogel (author: Alison Domingues)

Busy roads. Blood cells circulating into the blood vessels of a zebrafish larva (author: Matteo Ranucci/Alex Fantin)

Angiogenesis gone wrong. Blood vessels (red) and blood vessels nuclei (green) in a zebrafish embryo  (author: Elena Guzzolino)

Tracking zebrafish larva behaviour. Heatmap showing the different positions occupied in dark versus light conditions (author: Elena Guzzolino)